Without really noticing, Big Purple Box has now carried out several menu design projects for restaurants, bars and takeaways. Great menu design can enhance a dining experience, help customers make satisfying choices and stimulate appetite. However, a menu is more than just a list of the dishes a restaurant, bar or takeaway has available; it is an advertising tool capable of communicating the business identity and driving profit. An effective menu design works for restaurants, bars and takeaways and can even help gain new customers. Just remember to get any photos of your food taken professionally to make your dishes look as appealing as possible.

Not only can Big Purple Box design your menu, we can also advise you on print. What’s the best paper weight to use? Should I go glossy or matt? Do I need to laminate my menu’s? There’s many other questions you will ask yourself when preparing to print your menu.

Takeaway Menu Design

When you’re picking what kind of leaflet you want for you takeaway menu, you’ve got to consider ease of use, attractiveness and best amount of space for all of your content. We’d recommend an A3 folded leaflet with a roll fold . A3 is the optimum size for your menu, and with the four pages you get with the roll fold, there’s plenty of room to show off. It also folds into a handy 297 x 140mm size that people will be able to keep in their drawer until the next time they want to order.

Why not get in touch and let us guide you through the options available.


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