Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade

When first moving to Whitley Bay one of the first things I did as owner of Big Purple Box was to seek out the local business chamber of trade. Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade is the business organisation in the town of Whitley Bay which can and does make a real difference to businesses based in the town.

Once Big Purple Box had become a member it was quickly apparent that the Chamber needed a strong identity, helping it establish itself as an organisation to be taken seriously. Although it’s fair to say the Chamber, and indeed Whitley Bay, has changed in many ways since the logo was first designed. New dynamic members have taken the Chamber in to new territory in social media marketing and even video production. Big Purple Box has been happy to help where our skill set was required and helping to promote the town online.

The logo, now almost 10 years old, still represents the Chamber effectively.

The Chamber of Trade business identity features a graphic element representing the sunshine of the beach and the sea linked to a classic font – Cochin. You can download the Cochin font for free here. As part of our continuing participation in Whitley Bay Chamber of Trade we also designed and host the Chamber website.