Jesmond Library

WordPress Website for Jesmond Library. The library is completely run by volunteers – Friends of Jesmond Library (FoJL). Following a recommendation from a existing client FoJL approached Big Purple Box with a view to bringing their website up to date. Meetings were arranged, difficult when you need to deal with a committee,  and a plan of action and budget agreed. The design was quickly put in place but it was in collating the content that the project stalled. With so many invested in the website, agreeing the actual words on the page stretched the project from an initial 3-4 weeks to almost 4 months all this was compounded by the committee being committed to full time occupations. This long development did mean that all the latest updates to WordPress could be incorporated and the finished site fully meets the initial design brief criteria and still within budget!

Friends of Jesmond Library
Project Length
4 months