Google SEO guidelines

Do you have a mobile or responsive site? If not, you may find it harder to rank in Google’s mobile search results.

Google announced algorithm updates that will have a "significant impact" on mobile search results worldwide for mobile searchers. The update improves rankings for sites that provide a mobile-friendly experience to searchers on mobile devices, and, by association, demotes sites that do not.

Google’s stated goal is to improve searcher experience. It’s frustrating to search on a phone and land on a page that’s so tiny you can’t accurately click the links without pinching and zooming and scrolling to find the right text or links.

Google is converting that frustration into an improvement in its search results, so that more mobile searchers will land on sites with positive mobile experiences. It makes sense from the searcher’s perspective, which is what matters to Google.

Use this Google tool to check your own site.

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Search engine optimisation

You need a number of things for your business to succeed online. You need to sell products and services, generate leads and attract business. To do that, you need your website to be visible, and listed highly on the search engines.

We offer a range of affordable professional website optimisation services to businesses large or small. Remember, behind every internet search is a person and that person could be your next customer, a search engine optimisation specialist can help you target these potential clients and increase the sales for your business.

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Are you spending a fortune on Google pay per click to get more website sales?
Much better to use natural search engine optimisation using well researched methods of finding other related websites to build one way web links to your website.

Do you need to identify your best keywords to target?
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Do you need to tune your website?
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